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Interior Design for Dummies

| January 21, 2015

So in the previous article, introductions on interior design were explained. The original duties and role of an interior designer was differentiated from others such as architects. The importance of interior design was also explained. In this article, misconceptions concerning interior would be debunked. And let’s face it, better read the facts below so offense (unintentional or not) could be avoided.



  1. Interior Designer and Interior Decorator are the same!

To-may-to To-mah-to right? WRONG. First, the words are spelled differently, hence they must mean different things. Sure, both words could be used interchangeably due to the similar aspect it could apply on (art). But applied to job positions, or even titles, a designer is wholly different than a decorator. Let’s skip the dictionary definition and head straight to what each does. A decorator is someone who decorates or makes things look beautifully as a hobby. Some chose to be paid. But the skills of a decorator lie in their experience or preference. Decorators buy ready-made items and combine them to one tasteful theme or motif. On the other hand, designers are people who have taken courses in art that resembles to what a decorator does. True, designers arrange a room, but the way a designer arranges a room is different from a decorator. A designer arranges by applying ergonomics (look it up), a study which caters to the efficient and effective use of the room. Second, a designer is not limited to resorting to ready-made items. Some designers would have an item customized to retain the function but mold the item to the motif of the room. Also, some designers would base their design from a design of any household furniture, say, printed chairs into wallpaper, etc.

Interior Designer

Interior Designer

  1. Hiring an Interior Designer is Expensive.

On the contrary, buying mismatched furniture and being unsatisfied with the overall outcome of the room is more expensive. An interior designer’s rates are flexible. Of course, more notable interior designers’ rates would be higher, while others could be negotiated. The rates could be by commission, by the hour, or even by the material being bought. The advantage is that interior designers would know more about what and where to buy as they would have connections that could get them a discount.

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The Need for Beauty Within

| January 17, 2015

From the previous articles, the introduction to interior design has already been explained. As well as the difference in job roles when it comes to the construction of any building and/or housing establishment has already been elaborated. This time, the focal point would be the importance of interior design. Why is interior design that important? Why is there a college course dedicated to the through study of interior design? But at the same time, why is it that other feel the need to underestimate or overlook interior design?

The beauty of interior design

The beauty of interior design

First of all the article title refers to interior design itself. There are common misconceptions regarding interior design, many of which would be discussed in another article. But as the name of it suggests, interior design is about designing the interior or the inside of an establishment. It could mean a room, a whole portion of the building etc.

The main importance of interior design is that in fact, it does make the place look the more attractive—aesthetically pleasing. When something is attractive, it overall uplifts the mood of a person. Studies have shown that when a person is placed inside a cool colored room, a person is more likely to relax, and in a warm colored room, then that person would have more energy to complete tasks. Different aspects such as the color of the room, the ventilation, the lighting, even the acoustics—ergonomics is thoroughly studied as well.

Just because it is an interior designer’s job to make the place look beautiful, that is according to the purpose and preference of the client does not make it functional. Included in ergonomics, that is to arrange furniture in an effective and efficient manner.

An example of a good interior design

An example of a good interior design

Aside from aesthetics and functions, another important aspect to which an interior designer is hired to do is to make all the demands and preferences of the client to be met within the given budget.

Like all other artists, be it an advertisement company, a fashion designer, an architect, staying within the budget is a given challenge in itself.

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Even ID Has Principles

| January 15, 2015

After the necessary introductions concerning interior design, simple explanations on the different aspects interior design could applied to, hence the common confusion (for example, with architects and interior decorators). Some misconceptions surrounding interior design have also been explained.

Every art, every skill, would have course principles to follow. And in researches, some would say that interior design would only have six. Others would say only three. However, majority of schools and studies would confirm that there are seven interior design principles to live by.

Unity & Harmony: these are two elements that could not live without the other. Of course, when designing a room, one should think that the whole house is a totality, and each room makes up for that big picture. Hence, it is important for each room to complement one another in order to unify the whole house as only of one theme.

Unity and Harmony

Unity and Harmony

Balance: Balance could be defined as “the equal distribution of visual weight in a room”. There are three styles: symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. To summarize each, symmetrical is used for traditional homes where you could find objects repeatedly use in the same position on either side of a vertical axis. Asymmetrical is for the more modern approach. Radial symmetry is when all elements of design are arrayed around a center point.

Focal Point: To draw attention and to keep things interesting enough. A focal point thus must have a lasting impression but must also be an integral part of the decoration linked through scale, style, color or theme.

Rhythm: Rhythm is defined as continuity, recurrence or organized movement. To achieve these themes in a design, you need to think about repetition, progression, transition and contrast. Also remember: SPACE.



Details: Remember the little things that are part of the big picture? Well, these little things are actually the details. These create accents, or personality that would give identify as the person’s unique brand of the self. Color and scale and proportion are the elements that are essential to detail.

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Beautiful Inside Out

| January 15, 2015

The title may seem misleading, but nonetheless that concept should be applied in general. Beauty should not be focused on the outside, but as well as the inside. This article would not be dealing with the concept of beauty and the different impact it gives depending on the focal point of beauty. But rather, all the same, this article, and the following ones, would be talking about another form of aesthetic appreciation. Just as beauty is important in a person both internally and externally, in other aspects, say, in literature, book covers should match the content of the book, coherent lyrics should match the catchy rhythm of a song, and so on and so far. Just like in any aspects, a building, or any form of establishment, should be aesthetically pleasing from the outside, as it is in the inside. This concept does not only apply to nature, or to man-made creations, but also to people. One can remember the Japanese comfort women, who were beautiful, yet their beauty is tarnished by the maltreatment done to them.

home interior

home interior

Now, in the world of, well, buildings, there are a lot of involvement of different people from different fields that sometimes overlap each other. Some of the job positions might sound the same, some might be more known than the others, while others would underestimate the role of another. The common involved people in the erection of any building or any housing establishment would be the following: an architect, a property dealer, a civil engineer, contractor and/or laborers, a carpenter, an electrician, a plumber, a painter, and of course, an interior designer.

Some of the mentioned fields are commonly known to participate in the industry of construction. Some, are majorly involved but lesser known because as part of a general knowledge, these people exist even outside construction.

As mentioned, among those who are often underestimated are interior designers. Most would think that interior design is only for those with an artistic outlook in life. What they don’t know is that an interior designer’s job is as important, or even more important in some cases, as an architect.


The following articles will explain the difference of the jobs of the aforementioned positions, and would elaborate on the importance and the impact of interior design.

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Unique bedroom designs

| December 18, 2014

Are you trying to look for some ideas to give your bedroom a unique look? The key to this is knowing yourself more. Know what atmosphere you are most comfortable with and then expressing this through your bedroom.

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You can choose the colors you are most calm with. Bedrooms are for relaxation and peace time, so the colors dominating the room is important. It can also be your favorite color. But you cannot just settle with one shade of your favorite color, it might be too much. You can choose your favorite color and then use different shades of it. For example if you like brown shades, you can use chocolate, camel or caramel.

The most important furniture in a bedroom is – the bed! Yep, you guess it just right! There are a lot of stylized beds available in the market now. There are platform beds, classic bed, contemporary bed, bed bench, bunk bed, captain bed, day bed, sleigh beds and a lot more! The important thing more than the style, is the comfort the bed is giving you. There are beds with whooping prices, the ones which adjusts to your movement while you sleep so it gives maximum comfort. But, hey you can still have a beauty sleep without spending too much. Anyway, you can also design a headboard which suits your personality. The material used for the bed and the headboard speaks much about your personality too – wooden beds are more traditional and laid back. Metal beds are more contemporary. Top your bed with the appropriate sheets.


What makes the bedroom more unique are the little  details you put into it. You can make your personal items and favorites as accents. If you like dead branches, why not preserve it, varnish it and place it in a pot and place in the corner of your bedroom as a design. Things like this make the room more unique.

So be yourself and design your bedroom!

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What’s in a shelf?

| December 12, 2014

Shelves are usually taken for granted. They’re just there, sitting or sticking somewhere. They are always there when you need them. However, there is more to know about shelves so that they will last longer and be of more service to you.

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Just like any part of the house, shelves can be made out of many materials. The most common among these are softwood, hardwood, plastic, glass and metal. You can choose the material you will be building the shelves with according to cost and endurance. Softwood and glass shelves are for light and  decorating items. Glass especially is used for sleek designs. But if you are going to store heavier objects such as bottles, jars, hardbound books, etc, then hardwood and metal shelves will be more appropriate. Plastic shelves are efficient. There are durable plastic shelves an there are light plastic shelves so be sure which ones you have bought.

Sometimes, buying shelves can be tricky. You might be paying more than the shelves’ worth. And sometimes, you cannot rely on the brand. Even though it costs much, if it is still made of light material then you may be paying more money than you should. Unless, you are buying the design.

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Utilize the space on your wall by installing shelves! You can minimize the clutter on the ground by doing this. Aside from saving space, shelves can be used as designs too. While installing them, you can arrange them in a way which is more pleasing to the eyes. But remember, it still more important that the arrangement of the shelves are efficient. There are shelves which are of different shapes.

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Some Ideas for a Girl’s Bedroom

| December 9, 2014

Trying to liven up your girl’s bedroom? Well it is time for you to liven up your imagination too. Girls, or kids in general have lively imaginations. They cannot settle for plain things, so you also have to play along with their minds so that you can make the perfect bedroom for them. Girls usually like shades of pink. You can have a color for an overall theme for the bedroom. For light shades which do not overwhelm that much you can use carnation pink, cherry blossom, lavender pink, Thulian pink, etc. These are the colors which are safe to wholly paint a girl’s room with. Bright shades such as Magenta, shocking pink, rose, cerise, etc. can be used as accents.

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Aside from colors, you can also play with patterns. Ripples of circles with different colors can be painted on the walls and ceilings of the bedroom to give it  a playful attitude. You can also add other shapes as accents like hearts and squares. Of course, colorful silhouettes of animals may be also used.

Quilts with playful patterns and texture can also be used as bed sheets or pillowcases, veering away from the usual one texture cloth. Or if there is no quilts found, then there are still bed covers and pillowcases which have cute patterns in them. Girls usually fall for princess prints.

You can also add playful designs in the most little things. There are cupboard handles which are designed as teddy bears, dolls, tiaras, etc.

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Lastly, it will be much easier for you if you really know what your girl’s wants are. Instead of a surprise, you can use this activity to bond with her and plan together her bedroom!

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Romanticizing your Bedroom

| December 6, 2014

Bedrooms are the best place in a house to be. . .romantic. Aside from honeymoons being held usually in this room, it is just the most comfortable place to snuggle and daydream. Who says the room cannot be romantic if you are single? While waiting for that true love, you can still achieve that wonderful feeling of love by just twitching some little things in your bedroom.



There are some colors which are more romantic than other, so you can paint your walls with the shades of these colors – peaches, pinks, reds, creams, chocolate browns or burgundies. Or you can make these colors as accents. If paints are too plain for you, there are always wallpapers. There are wallpapers with floral prints which can be romantic. Victorian themed wallpaper prints are also romantic. If you can afford something which requires a little bit more money, you can hang on your bedroom a crystal chandelier. It can add to the romantic atmosphere in the room.

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Forty watt bulbs for bedside tables create the dreamy ambiance – not too bright or too dim, just enough to see the lovely face of your partner accented by a beautiful lighting. A few cherished items in your bedroom can add a hint of elegance and also tells more about the owner of the room.for a fresh feeling, you could place a fresh water in a crystal decanter with two drinking glasses. A bouquet of fresh flowers on a round coffee table also invites a lovely talk with someone. Antiques are also a unique form of romanticism. They are melancholic yet dreamy. Try having an oversized antique dressing mirror angles in the far corner of the bedroom. If you follow these tips, you will always feel loved.

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Interior Design and Emotional Experiences

| December 2, 2014

Interior Designers have long intuited that the places we inhabit can affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. But now, half a century after Salk’s inspiring excursion, behavioral scien­­tists are giving these hunches an empirical basis. They are unearthing tantalizing clues about how to design spaces that promote creativity, keep students focused and alert, and lead to relaxation and social intimacy. However it is interesting to note how all of these might be affected after a traumatic or bad experience.

color is important in interior design

color is important in interior design

One Norwegian interior designer Marte Deborah Dalelv has spoken out after being handed a 16-month prison sentence in Dubai — after she went to police to report she had been raped by a colleague.

The 24-year-old was convicted and sentenced on charges of having unlawful sex, making a false statement and illegal consumption of alcohol.

Her story is dominating the headlines in Norway, and has raised serious questions over the way women who allege sexual assault are treated in the United Arab Emirates. Dalelv, who had been working at an interior design firm in Qatar since September 2011, told CNN on Saturday how a work trip to Dubai in March with three colleagues turned into a nightmare.

Many Korean comfort women may have experienced similar things. And artists, architects, interior designers and other similar occupations may experience a great impact on their works after bad experiences.

Interaction between the users and their environment is spontaneous and unavoidable. This interaction can be positive or negative. A good interior space is about considering all the physical, environmental and cognitive elements and harmonizing them to make it a space that feels right, functionally and emotionally.

The important element that has to be considered the most in an interior space is the “user”. Balancing all these elements is a challenging job and results in a perfect interior space design.

interior design evokes emotional responses

interior design evokes emotional responses

There has to be an intervening domain of ergonomics which will guide to bring out a balance between the personal choice of the user and the usual standards followed. It should also provide a step-by-step information, guidance and direction to act to the specifications and standards systematically to adapt an integrated approach of handling all the elements holistically which will indeed result in a good interior space.

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String Art

| November 28, 2014

Are you looking for some ways to spice up your room? Why don’t you try the new craze today? String art is really getting famous in the internet today. A lot of photos are being shared featuring this fun and creative activity. Here is a guide on how you could start your own string art.

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For beginning purposes, you can choose a smaller space to place your string art. But if you are confident enough, place it on the wall, why not! But to be sure, you can work on a medium or surface first, for example, a cork board. Then choose the pins on where you would tie the strings. Choose the pins which are appropriate for your surface. For a cork board, 11/16” linoleum nails are okay. You will also be needing a glue gun and of course the string you will use. You can choose any type of string, it can be a nylon, embroidery floss, etc., depends on what look you want to go for. You may also need a paint if you want another color for your surface. Also, prepare a template of your design as a guide to where you will place the pins/nails. So let’s get started!

download (52)
After you paint the surface (if needed), place the template to how you would want it to look like. Pin the nails on the edges of the template. You are free on how wide the spaces are between the pins. If you want the string art to be more bold, then you can place the pins closer to each other. Remove the template. Decide where you will first place the string, tie it around the nail and knot it. Secure the knot using the glue gun. Now you can be creative on how you would design your string art. When you’re done, tie again into a knot the last string and cut the remaining string. Secure it again uing the glue gun.
Tada! You now have your own string art! You can hang it on your wall using 3M velcro hanging strips.

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