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Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Bedroom

| August 27, 2014

If you’re sick of the way your room looks but are not sure how to go about redecorating it, here are some simple and inexpensive tricks you can try. Remember, home decorating is all about deciding what works and what doesn’t and being creative while doing it.

Rearranging the furniture is the quickest and least expensive way to add some more life in to a boring room. Try moving your desk to an opposite wall and placing your bed where your desk used to be. Have fun experimenting with different positions.

Paint a single wall and make it your room’s focal point. Hang posters or move an interesting piece of furniture in front of the wall. Make the wall’s color complement the room’s color scheme. You’d be surprised at how dramatic and artsy your room will look after.

Cover up your walls by hanging posters, mementos, or mirrors. For something bolder, you could try a geometric styled shelf. Draw an outline of a shape on the wall, then using a masking tape and ruler, paint in the shape. Then place a small hanging shelf between the shape. This will hardly take a day’s work.

How to arrange furniture

| August 20, 2014

How you arrange your furniture and things makes the difference between a lame room and a lovely room. Avoid a messy look by keeping taller furniture at about the same height. See to it that the tops of bookcases and cabinets align. Group the furniture according to size and make sure that they go along well. For example, it doesn’t look good if you pair a tall chair with a low table. Distribute your furniture properly by putting the largest on the longest wall. You could keep large units parallel to walls to save space. Allow easy access from one area to another and keep from placing unnecessary furniture which eat up space. By keeping the right amount of right-sized furniture at the right spaces, you would see a brand new room shine before your eyes.

Interior Design: Get your List Ready

| June 13, 2013


Interior design is one of the most fun things to do but can be a difficult task to undertake in the present day as there are a wide variety of interior design options available in the market. However, the task of choosing the right design for you area can be easy if you know how to decipher the least priority to the highest priority of your interior design list.

One of the few things you need to consider is your budget. If you have the budget then you have the luxury to splurge on what you need and what you like for your area. However, if you are on a tight budget, then you may want to consider purchasing items that you need rather than what you want. Other things you may want to consider before consulting with a professional is the quality of product, functionality, look, size and color combination.

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Do-it-Yourself Garage Cabinets and Storage: Can you Handle It?

| May 5, 2013


Finding the right type of garage cabinet or storage for your area can be quite challenging as there are a variety of available cabinets in the present day. However, to help you with your shopping, the following checklist may guide you.

Prior purchasing you have to make sure that you meet the following criteria, durability, size, material used, maintenance and last but definitely not the least, cost. However, you should also consider if you can work on it or make your cabinets by yourself.

There are many cabinet manufacturers today that sell easy install-it-yourself garage cabinets and storage. Some may come with very basic assembling instructions. Although, these types have their advantages, one of which is that they allow you to be creative and achieve a great sense of self-accomplishment. Some instructions can be very vague and the homeowner may encounter problems with measurements and tool handling. Moreover, they require the user to have a knowledge and access to basic hand and power tools and equipment. Sure, drilling screws and using a stud finder may be simple jobs for some people, but not for all. Thus, if you’re one of those lacking in carpentry skills, it would be advisable for to leave the assembling to the professionals, lest you end up spending more because of your mistakes.

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Versatile Pipes

| April 29, 2013


In the last post, we showed you how to make a fun invisible floaty bookshelf. Now we’ll show you a rad option you can use for your shelves and other stuff In your apartment.

So, now you’re moving into a new, completely unfurbished unfurnished apartment. It’s as tall as it is wide,; you start developing ideas with using the high ceiling. (You think to yourself you could make a tiny loft bedroom somewhere up there; just make a platform and a spiral staircase somewhere, that’ll be fine.) It’s white walls, white flooring, white everything. What now?

If you’ve got a hand for working with plumbing, then pipes could be your best friend with some fundamental furniture. You can try buying some metal pipes, L-shaped and t-shaped fittings, and perhaps some wheels. With some imagination, you can turn a set pf pipes into some funky shelves, benches, or maybe even a ladder. Make sure to buy the right kind of paint for the pipes to prevent rusting and to give the pipes a rad look to go with the rest of your apartment.

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DIY Invisible Floating Bookshelf

| February 20, 2013


A writer once said that books are one of the best ways to decorate a home, and that’s just the truth. Books are essentially the mind of the person living there on display, and are in themselves excellent conversation starters. Books also pave the way to new friendships (and romances), and sometimes the phrase “throwing the book at someone” can take an entirely new meaning – depending, of course whether you’ve got an easy-reading paperback or an encyclopedia on hand!

However, to the meticulous bookworm, a boring old bookshelf just won’t do. If you’ve wanted to add a bit of mischief and mystery to storing your books, why not consider creating a floating book shelf yourself? All you need are some very basic carpentry skills, an old, large book with a durable spine, lots of wood glue, and an L-shaped bracket. For the instructions, just click this link, and have fun!

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Flowers For Your Home

| January 27, 2013


Fresh flowers always add a special something to any room or home. It is a wonderful way to brighten a room, add cheer, and lift spirits. Having a fragrant bouquet in a room can also make it smell wonderful well into the late evenings.

When choosing flowers, take into account what the rest of the room you plan to place it in looks like. Is the room bright and sunny and painted in light hues? Is it dark and full of deep, cozy colors? In terms of size, take the room into account again. A large, flamboyant bouquet might be brilliant in a sprawling living room, but will overpower in a modest-sized sitting room where a simple nosegay will do.

When buying a boquet, make sure there is a flower vase waiting at home with just the right height and size. You can choose to decorate the flower vase with washi tape in your bouquet’s colors for more visual appeal.

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Washi Tape Decoration Ideas for Your Home

| December 27, 2012

In the last post, we focused on how DIY stencils can funkify your home! Today, we’ll run down a list of some fun home decor ideas you can try with colorful washi tape.


Washi tape is slowly becoming a staple in a crafter’s tool kit the world over. (It also quickly becoming a source of addiction for many crafters and lovers of pretty things, but that’s another story for another time.) You can stick it to notebooks, and mobile phones for a do-it-yourself decorative appeal. You can make banners to hang on a billboard, or make tiny pennants on toothpicks to stick on cupcakes for a festive look.

But what to do with washi tape in your own home? you can make a large calendar to write on with just washi tape, a large clear-glass window, and dry-erase markers. You can even decorate the keys on your laptop or PC keyboard with washi tape, a craft knife, and some very delicate manual skills. Want more ideas? Here’s a great list to inspire you with more washi tape projects. Have fun!

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DIY Stencils to Funkify Your Home

| November 27, 2012

Stenciling has been utilized in a variety of places, situations, and uses. The Military uses stencils to label their cargo, bunk beds, tanks, aircraft carriers, and so on. Construction works use stenciling to also label warning signs on doors and walkways, as well as containers of hazardous chemicals. Home crafters enjoy using stenciling techniques to decorate rooms and apply quaint and colorful borders to walls. Street artists, however, use stencils to create paintings on public walls to be discovered and pondered over by the public, and to leave policemen scratching their heads over.

So, if you’re looking to redecorate your walls, why not consider stenciling? Now, don’t roll your eyes just yet. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. If using store-bought stencils just isn’t your thing, why not DIY your own stencils? You can create your stencil out of sturdy material, such as cardboard, plastic, or even metal, provided you have the tools for it.

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Blending Styles

| October 22, 2012


Surely, everyone dreams of designing their own homes. But what id you are a newly wed couple who has opposing opinion on how your dream house will look? Not to worry, this is common. Men are more likely to go towards the minimalist look and women wants girly interior. That’s okay because both can compromise. Blending classic and contemporary style is actually a really good idea. Interior designer Laura Singleton from Houston talked about this. She has designed places for 17 years and said this is a typical situation. The goal is to make a place liveable and comfortable for everyone. She said mixing different style is great as long as you do not over do it. Classic furniture mixed with updated and modern accessories work well as long as the colors aren’t too strong and contrasting. Picking a simple base color is the key. Tan or white are good colors for the couch and other large furniture. Adding plants and flowers liven up a room and hint of modernity in a room such as a good piece of art work or lamps and tables will finish the room.