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Interior Design and Emotional Experiences

| December 3, 2014

Interior Designers have long intuited that the places we inhabit can affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. But now, half a century after Salk’s inspiring excursion, behavioral scien­­tists are giving these hunches an empirical basis. They are unearthing tantalizing clues about how to design spaces that promote creativity, keep students focused and alert, and lead to relaxation and social intimacy. However it is interesting to note how all of these might be affected after a traumatic or bad experience.

color is important in interior design

color is important in interior design

One Norwegian interior designer Marte Deborah Dalelv has spoken out after being handed a 16-month prison sentence in Dubai — after she went to police to report she had been raped by a colleague.

The 24-year-old was convicted and sentenced on charges of having unlawful sex, making a false statement and illegal consumption of alcohol.

Her story is dominating the headlines in Norway, and has raised serious questions over the way women who allege sexual assault are treated in the United Arab Emirates. Dalelv, who had been working at an interior design firm in Qatar since September 2011, told CNN on Saturday how a work trip to Dubai in March with three colleagues turned into a nightmare.

Many Korean comfort women may have experienced similar things. And artists, architects, interior designers and other similar occupations may experience a great impact on their works after bad experiences.

Interaction between the users and their environment is spontaneous and unavoidable. This interaction can be positive or negative. A good interior space is about considering all the physical, environmental and cognitive elements and harmonizing them to make it a space that feels right, functionally and emotionally.

The important element that has to be considered the most in an interior space is the “user”. Balancing all these elements is a challenging job and results in a perfect interior space design.

interior design evokes emotional responses

interior design evokes emotional responses

There has to be an intervening domain of ergonomics which will guide to bring out a balance between the personal choice of the user and the usual standards followed. It should also provide a step-by-step information, guidance and direction to act to the specifications and standards systematically to adapt an integrated approach of handling all the elements holistically which will indeed result in a good interior space.

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String Art

| November 28, 2014

Are you looking for some ways to spice up your room? Why don’t you try the new craze today? String art is really getting famous in the internet today. A lot of photos are being shared featuring this fun and creative activity. Here is a guide on how you could start your own string art.

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For beginning purposes, you can choose a smaller space to place your string art. But if you are confident enough, place it on the wall, why not! But to be sure, you can work on a medium or surface first, for example, a cork board. Then choose the pins on where you would tie the strings. Choose the pins which are appropriate for your surface. For a cork board, 11/16” linoleum nails are okay. You will also be needing a glue gun and of course the string you will use. You can choose any type of string, it can be a nylon, embroidery floss, etc., depends on what look you want to go for. You may also need a paint if you want another color for your surface. Also, prepare a template of your design as a guide to where you will place the pins/nails. So let’s get started!

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After you paint the surface (if needed), place the template to how you would want it to look like. Pin the nails on the edges of the template. You are free on how wide the spaces are between the pins. If you want the string art to be more bold, then you can place the pins closer to each other. Remove the template. Decide where you will first place the string, tie it around the nail and knot it. Secure the knot using the glue gun. Now you can be creative on how you would design your string art. When you’re done, tie again into a knot the last string and cut the remaining string. Secure it again uing the glue gun.
Tada! You now have your own string art! You can hang it on your wall using 3M velcro hanging strips.

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The Floor

| November 24, 2014

Floors are sometimes taken for granted. Well you know, people just step on it, walk by it. But just like any part of the house, floor is also important for making your house complete.

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There are many options to what style you should choose for the floor. From hardwood alone, there are a lot of options to choose from. Most common hardwood made into floor are ash, bamboo, beech, cherry, cypress, maple, etc. Wood is the best choice if you want to go for the classic look. It is more warm and welcoming.
Carpets and rugs are another option. There is a lot more to choose from with carpets and rugs. Not only that they are printed more elaborately designed. Carpets and rugs also come in different materials. There is polypropylene, recycled plastic, sheepskin, and wool. You can choose first what ambiance you want a room to exude then choose what carpet or rug you want. Since the materials for carpets and rugs have different textures, they also may mean different things.

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Corks, rubber, linoleum, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile are a few more choices. Tiles and stones are also a popular choice. Materials like marble, metal, mosaic, porcelain, quarry, slate, and terrazzo are made for tiles and stones. Usually, only in the bathroom are tiles and stones used for, but they can also be used in other parts of the house. Tiles are actually a popular choice for those who are on the go. Tiles are low maintenance. You just need to mop them from time to time. There are also broken tiles and stones which can be made into a specific design to notch up your floor.

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Clever Cleaning Ideas

| November 18, 2014

A clean house is always a comfortable place to live in. Even though your house is filled with expensive and exclusive designs, they would still be under-appreciated if they are filled with dust. Here are some tips to clean things and parts of your house that are easy and completely surprising!

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Sometimes, glasses have hard stains which cannot be easily wiped off by soap. The trick here is to use vinegar and you will be surprised to see the glass bright as new! Cleaning vinegar can also be used to clean toys. You can also use vinegar to clean the blinds. But there is even easier way to do this. Use a sock! You can put your hand in the sack and wipe the blinds. This way you can easily make sure that all surface is wiped (you can feel it) and all the corners were paid attention to.

Dirty dishes can go back to being looking new again by using a baking soda. Lemon is an essential ingredient for cleaning materials. But you can actually directly apply it to stains especially those hard headed stains on metals. Those stubborn greasy stains on the walls can be removed easily by covering it with chalk and wiping it off with a dampen cloth.

Another magic is hidden with shoe polish. Those old leather furniture can be turned new again using a shoe polish! So you do not need to buy new ones. Lastly, you can use coke in cleaning your toilet! Sounds weird but it really works!

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There you go, no more excuses to not being able to make your house squeaky clean.

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| November 12, 2014

Staircases are just taken for granted. It could have been one great chance to express your creative side in a big, useful way. Here are the types of staircases you might like.
There is the angle or L-shaped staircase. This is the usual staircase you might see at houses because it is very practical of the use of space. The angle staircase has landing half way. It is easier to climb and more comfortable you might say. You can rest for a while. It is also friendly for transporting furniture.

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Another type is the fold back or U-shaped. It is also a practical use of space. It looks like the angle staircase but more extended half way. This large half way can become a good mini-terrace and is great for displays. It is also friendly for transporting furniture.
Curved staircase is a one dramatic design. You usually see princesses or any lady in a magnificent gown floating their way down a curved staircase. It is even more dramatic when paired with a well-designed railing. However,it can be more expensive and not so practical use of space.
A level higher than the curved staircase is the spiral staircase. It is also dramatic but hard to climb. Obviously, it is not also very friendly for transporting things. But it also uses a relatively smaller space.
Flared staircases is shaped like a hyperbola or if you can remember the flared jeans in the 90s, they just look like that. Flared staircases can be paired with other staircase design. However it is very space consuming.

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The last design is the simplest – the straight design. It is the most practical use of space. It is also easy for transporting furniture. It is not that dramatic but very cost effective. However you can always paint, or use materials which will make it look more interesting.

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Design Styles

| November 6, 2014

Most houses have their main peg for their over-all look. This in turn creates the whole theme for every corner of the house. It would be really hard to pull off an idea like have a Victorian deign outside of your house and then have rustic theme in the interior. So working with one look makes it way easier to design a house. Plus, the visitors and the inhabitants as well will not be confused. Here are some of the basic designs of a house.

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craftsman style

Craftsman Style
This style was a revolution against the elaborate Victorian style. The main look of houses designed in craftsman style include bungalows, two stories, clean lines and make use of natural materials.
French Country Style
This style is neither for the poor nor for the rich because it is inspired by both modest farmhouse designs and estate manors of the French countryside. In this design, the rustic look and elegant facade are harmoniously combined. It is usually assymetrically designed.
Colonial/Georgian Style
The inspiration for these design is the large, elaborate estate homes built in Europe for many years. It is characterized by simplistic rectangular appearance, very formal blend of symmetry and simplicity and temple-like entrances.
Prairie Style
The nature’s prairie is unique for its flat and straight lines. The houses built in this inspiration in turn have basic square designs and strong horizontal presentation. The house generally looks deliberate and free flowing.
Victorian Style
Victorian style is actually a combination of other styles like Italian, Queen Anne and Gothic. Victorian style is very elaborate and lavish. It is both suiting to urban and rural settings.

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tudor style

Tudor Style
This style gets its inspiration from the medieval ages where the cottages are distinct. The buildings are constructed in a post and beam method. It has intricate steep roofs. There is usually two stories and asymmetrically designs featuring large, decorative timbering between areas of brick or stucco.

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Designing a Small Room

| October 30, 2014

One might think that a small room limits their creativity. But it is actually a good chance to practice both your creativity and resourcefulness.

Designing a Small Room

A small room is not an excuse to make it look bare because you do not have enough space to put decorations on. Actually, small rooms are a good exercise to practice your skills on pattern matching. If you mix patterns and colors, the small room will not look bare. For example, you can choose chairs which have prints and match them with a patterned wallpaper and carpet. You can also play with colors. If you are still a newbie to color matching, the color wheel is always a reliable model to turn to.

Designing a Small Room

Most of the time poor lighting is the problem for small rooms. The trick here is to use neutral colors. They reflect light and makes the room look bigger. However, too much neutral colors make the room dull. You can accent the room with a bright colored furniture or little things like patterned pillows. Or you can have neutral colors, but use only one bright color as an accent. For example, the walls, sofas and other big objects are in neutral colors but the small ones like the pillows or even the small central table can be in bright blue color.

To make the room look bigger, you may use a few over sized furniture. It sounds ironic but it works. Using a lot of small things for a small room will make it feel claustrophobic. Another trick is to use drapes with vertical stripes.

There you go! Do not feel limited with your small room anymore.

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Getting to Know Shutters

| October 30, 2014

Shutters are ideal as window coverings if you are thinking long term. It can be both traditional and warm. Another advantage of shutters is that you can precisely control the amount of light for you room. If the shutter itself is not enough as a decorations, curtains can also be added to complement the hard lines of the shutter. Window shutters can also be painted or varnished to your ideal style. So shutters are actually quite flexible as opposed to previous notions.

Getting to Know Shutters

There are a few things you might want to know before considering shutters for your house. They come in different shapes. Usually, they are in rectangle or square form but there are laso arched shutters. Whatever the shape, four parts are surely present. There is the rail, which is the top part of the shutter. The louvers are the horizontal pieces which move. The tilt bar is the one controlling the louvers. It is used to adjust the amount of light you wish for your room. The stiles are the right and left part of the shutter which hold the louvers together.

The type of material for shutters should be seriously taken. There are faux wood, solid wood, vinyl shutters and even metal. You have to consider where you would want to put the shutters and the temperature, humidity, moisture of that place. Wood shutters may have a problem with rooms of high humidity and moisture. However, wood is a classic for warmth, beauty and it exudes integrity. And if maintained properly, they can last for a long time. Metal shutters are used usually if it is intended for the exteriors.

Getting to Know Shutters

These are only some of the things to take note of for shutters. More is coming!

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| October 28, 2014

Ceilings are usually underrated. They are not really paid much attention to as opposed to other parts of the room. Usually, the ceilings are just painted white. But if you are going for the complete look, then your ceilings should not be disregarded.


You might think that the only options for decorating the ceiling is of what color you should choose for it. But there are a lot of possibilities for the ceiling. You can also do the same things to the ceiling as with the walls.

Some paint their ceilings with pictures they can think of. Some paint them to look like a sky. You can also try some uncommon paint for ceilings. Bright colors make the room brighter too. Or there are painted ceilings which creates borders. Just like walls, you can also apply wallpapers on ceilings. Even if the paint of the ceiling is monochromatic, you can enhance the feel of the ceiling (and the room) with accent lighting. Accent lighting does not only come in white colors, mind you. So you can really play with accent lighting – what lighting color would suit best with the color of the ceiling. There are also accents for the ceilings called medallion. Just like a medallion, it is also circular and usually it is where the chandeliers are being placed.


You might have seen events held inside big tents. Usually, the ceiling in these tents are fabric. You can also do this with the ceiling in your house. It creates more drama. Wood beams are another option. Aside from they can be really apart of the engineering of the house, they also make a room look sturdier. Wood in general is also welcoming and warm. Or if wood beams are too much, there are also other options to do with wood. You can simply make the ceilings as wood planks.

There are a lot to tinker with your ceiling!

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Introduction to Paint

| October 24, 2014

Choosing the color of paint for a room depends greatly on the personality of the owner and the mood the room is expected to create. When choosing, do not rely much on what is the trend because it changes quickly.

Introduction to Paint

Other than color, another important thing to consider is the type of paint. There are basically two types of ‘finish’ paint products – oil and latex. Both have four components – water, pigment, binder and additives.

Latex paint is the more popular one. It has variations which are environmentally friendly, low VOC, odorless, etc. It can also be cleaned with soap and water and dries quickly. It is also more resistant to blister, peel and crack because it can allow moisture to evaporate. Of course, price is one of the most important considerations when buying paint and anything. More expensive latex paint are comprised of 100% vinyl/acrylic and little liquid. But with more expensive latex paint, it is guaranteed that you won’t be needing to coat twice unlike with cheaper latex paints which can even cost you more because the coverage would be less dense and more prone to fading, dirt and stains.

Introduction to Paint

Oil paint, on the other hand (or alkyd), has a strong binder which is made from vegetable oil. Oil paint is usually applied on places which are more prone to tearing. Oil paint has a hard finish which makes it suitable for more haggard places. Its binder makes the oil paint more hard to clean up and it takes a solvent such as mineral spirits to clean it up.

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