Washi Tape Decoration Ideas for Your Home

| September 27, 2014

In the last post, we focused on how DIY stencils can funkify your home! Today, we’ll run down a list of some fun home decor ideas you can try with colorful washi tape.


Washi tape is slowly becoming a staple in a crafter’s tool kit the world over. (It also quickly becoming a source of addiction for many crafters and lovers of pretty things, but that’s another story for another time.) You can stick it to notebooks, and mobile phones for a do-it-yourself decorative appeal. You can make banners to hang on a billboard, or make tiny pennants on toothpicks to stick on cupcakes for a festive look.

But what to do with washi tape in your own home? you can make a large calendar to write on with just washi tape, a large clear-glass window, and dry-erase markers. You can even decorate the keys on your laptop or PC keyboard with washi tape, a craft knife, and some very delicate manual skills. Want more ideas? Here’s a great list to inspire you with more washi tape projects. Have fun!

photo credit: Martine à la Maison via photopin cc

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