Flowers For Your Home

| September 27, 2014


Fresh flowers always add a special something to any room or home. It is a wonderful way to brighten a room, add cheer, and lift spirits. Having a fragrant bouquet in a room can also make it smell wonderful well into the late evenings.

When choosing flowers, take into account what the rest of the room you plan to place it in looks like. Is the room bright and sunny and painted in light hues? Is it dark and full of deep, cozy colors? In terms of size, take the room into account again. A large, flamboyant bouquet might be brilliant in a sprawling living room, but will overpower in a modest-sized sitting room where a simple nosegay will do.

When buying a boquet, make sure there is a flower vase waiting at home with just the right height and size. You can choose to decorate the flower vase with washi tape in your bouquet’s colors for more visual appeal.

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