DIY Invisible Floating Bookshelf

| September 20, 2014


A writer once said that books are one of the best ways to decorate a home, and that’s just the truth. Books are essentially the mind of the person living there on display, and are in themselves excellent conversation starters. Books also pave the way to new friendships (and romances), and sometimes the phrase “throwing the book at someone” can take an entirely new meaning – depending, of course whether you’ve got an easy-reading paperback or an encyclopedia on hand!

However, to the meticulous bookworm, a boring old bookshelf just won’t do. If you’ve wanted to add a bit of mischief and mystery to storing your books, why not consider creating a floating book shelf yourself? All you need are some very basic carpentry skills, an old, large book with a durable spine, lots of wood glue, and an L-shaped bracket. For the instructions, just click this link, and have fun!

photo credit: Evil Erin via photopin cc

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